Complete waste disposal service.

Ingeco performs non-hazardous waste disposal services.


Non-hazardous waste management.

We carry out waste treatment activities at our Agrate Brianza plant, which is authorized to handle up to 29,000 tons annually. Thanks to our technicians’ long experience and our experts’ training, we follow a procedure that is fine-tuned. Each operational step aims to ensure maximum efficiency and the achievement of major goals in terms of recovery of reusable materials and optimal management of non-recoverable materials.


The two moments of our activity.

Our operating system involves:

- a first intervention dedicated to the maximum valorization of all recoverable fractions in the waste through remarkably accurate manual and mechanical sorting.
- a subsequent intervention dedicated to managing non-recoverable material: to minimize the environmental impact, we process the residual waste with special machinery to obtain the most significant amount to send to waste-to-energy plants for electricity production. Only the residual portion, which cannot be valorized, is directed to landfill disposal.


We operate according to the following stages.


After a contact with our sales department and a subsequent telephone assessment (with possible exchange of documentation), we send one of our technicians for an inspection dedicated to:
- Verify the presence of any storage containers.
- Identify the placement.
- Verify the suitability of the waste related to the type of activity.

If the client is a waste treatment plant, we also consider:
- the waste produced.
- the matrices that compose it.
- the mode of packaging.

We make these assessments to determine whether, after treatment, any additional recoverable fractions are present or whether the material would be more suitable for disposal at a waste-to-energy plant or landfill.
In addition, we classify each matrix by visual inspection, laboratory analysis, and specific homologation forms to support our technicians for proper scheduling in and out of the plant.

At the end of the evaluation phase, our sales department delivers the technical-economic offer to the customers.


Once the customer accepts our offer, our technical department is activated, which will check the documentation to assess the best possible management of the waste within the plant, and the operational department will coordinate with the client to agree on the mode of transport and the potential supply of necessary equipment (containers, press containers and/or specific set-ups), whether the transport is carried out by the client or entrusted to Ingeco (or one of the companies belonging to our Group). In the second eventuality, we will arrange the necessary means and complete the take-over of the waste at the customer’s premises. Before take-over, the environmental engineering department will go through the permits of producers, plants, and transporters.

When the customer is a treatment plant, we also offer the possibility of agreeing on a weekly schedule to make the service more accessible and efficient.


The activity within the plant begins with the weighing of the transport vehicle, which, based on the information communicated to the technical office, we then direct to the appropriate unloading area.

Once the unloading is completed, the plant manager checks the waste to validate its congruence with what is indicated in the approval documentation and/or in the customer card and waste transport form related to the load.
After passing the check, the material undergoes a manual and mechanized sorting operation aimed at capturing the fractions that can be recovered, such as paper and cardboard, wood, pallets, plastic packaging, ferrous and nonferrous metals, film and rigid plastics, textile fractions, etc.

The remaining non-recoverable part undergoes further processing with specific machinery to obtain as much waste as possible for waste-to-energy production. Following this additional processing, what remains is not usable and is, therefore, deposited in the special area of waste destined for landfill disposal.



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