The fixed point of efficiency.

We offer a complete service for the disposal of non-hazardous waste, including any transportation service with specifically equipped vehicles and assistance with paperwork to:
- private companies from all sectors.
- public entities and consortia.
- treatment and/or purification plants.

Ingeco Tecnologie Ambientali

We designed each phase of our service to offer high-quality standards and guarantee customer support and assistance in managing all types of waste.
Our facilities are authorized to perform the following activities: storage (R13), sorting and storage (R12/D13) of non-hazardous special wastes, mixing (R12/D13) of non-hazardous special wastes, preliminary storage (D15) and preliminary reconditioning (D14) of non-hazardous special wastes, and sweeping earth recovery.

The experience in carrying out procedures and the ability to customize each step, together with dedicated machinery and skilled and qualified personnel, enable us to offer a very high degree of efficiency.

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