Consulting and assistance in technical and administrative practices.

To comprehensively support our clients in completing all technical and administrative practices related to waste management activities, we offer a curated consulting service and assistance in processing paperwork and document compilation, managed by the experts and staff of our parent company, I.M.G.2.


Technical and administrative practices.

We support our clients in the procedures of completing technical and administrative paperwork,
according to current regulations, supporting them in such activities as:
- practices of registration with the Register of Environmental Managers for the activity of own account transportation of special non-hazardous waste.
- submission of the report on waste produced “MUD”.
- training courses on specific issues.    
- ADR consultant for waste and dangerous goods management.


The importance of quality consulting.

We engage in counseling before, during, and after waste management, transportation, collection, or processing services because we believe it represents a significant value:
- it allows for avoiding errors or bureaucratic inaccuracies resulting in costs or wasted time.
- it allows for more efficient operations.
- reduces the time each client has to spend on the administrative side of waste management.



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