Treatment of non-hazardous waste.

Ingeco provides industrial waste treatment services at its plant in Agrate Brianza (MB) and its dual plant in Gorle (BG).

Waste treatment and material recovery.

In our plants, we treat wastes of different origins, especially of industrial origin, to recover high percentages of reusable materials such as plastic, wood, glass, paper, ferrous materials, etc. All recovered raw materials can, after subsequent final treatment, later be reused by public agencies and private companies, resulting in savings and more excellent environmental friendliness

Processing stages.

The stages of waste processing in our facilities.
To achieve a better result in the recovery of reusable materials and management of non-recoverable waste, we follow a specific procedure and use technologically advanced machinery. The processing steps in our plant are:
- manual and mechanical sorting and selection of waste, using polyp bucket loaders and wheeled telehandlers.    
- screening.
- shredding and volumetric reduction using a special shredder and baler.

Two efficient plants.

Our waste sorting plants are licensed to process 100,000 tons/year of waste.

Attention to the environment.

We always prefer solutions with higher sustainability value, so we send material that cannot otherwise be valorized for disposal at other plants, prioritizing plants that perform energy recovery.



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